Training – Learn to Fly with us

Training you how to fly is something we’re great at!

Don’t know how to fly? Or just want to have a go? Come and join in at ENWMFC where you can learn to fly with one of our BMFA Qualified Instructors

Paul – our Training Officer

ENWMFC are also providing training/instructors for current pilots (“A”, “B” certificated) branching out into other flying disciplines.

Training is safe on our buddy box system

Before investing in all the equipment you can get a real feel for the hobby.

WOT4 Foam-e

ENWMFC membership is open for 2021 and are able to offer training via a number of club instructors, a club trainer (WOT4 Foam-e) is available for complete beginners! 

  • If you have a suitable trainer and buddy box facilities the club will be more than happy to accommodate you.
  • All members are always willing to help others while participating in our hobby in a friendly, safe and enjoyable way.