Dear All,


2021 is now fast approaching and ENWMFC look forward to hopefully a more successful 2021. The committee would like to thank the current membership for their support this year and welcomes all members to renew in the year ahead. The club is also on the lookout for new members so if you would like to join ENWMFC the club would be more than happy to accept you as a new member.  Please see our Membership Renewal Form for joining.


If you would like to continue flying with the Club please return the form to me by post/email with a cheque to cover subs or, preferably, having previously undertaken a bank transfer to the club account. BMFA membership will be available on-line from 1st December but if you would like me to arrange that for you please remember to include the BMFA sub (and CAA fee as appropriate) with your remittance and get it to me by 30th December.


Note that the BMFA will register you for CAA if you did it through them before but if you did the CAA registration independently of the BMFA then you must do it that way again.


As a result of Data Protection issues I will be deleting the current Club data base so please fill in the form in full so that I can update all the details. Please also remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for me to send you your Club Permit to fly at Merlin Field for 2021.


I hope that you are aware of the progress being made at Merlin Field and the excellent opportunities that the flying site offers. In this regard, the Facebook pages for “Epping & North Weald Model Flying Club” will give you a good overview of what has been accomplished with an overgrown patch of waste land. Invariably, in any new context, there are some lessons to be learned and Merlin Field is still very much a work in progress.


Merlin Field, a site with undoubted potential on which the Council have so far spent a not inconsiderable £20,000 to make it suitable for model flying. The committee are aware that some members have been unable because of COVID concerns to fly at Merlin Field and Paul Taylor has offered to let anyone have a familiarisation flight on one of the new club trainers should they feel the need. Please contact either the Training Officer (Paul) or the club Secretary (John) if you would like this opportunity.


Best wishes for Christmas and a safe New Year!!