Epping and North Weald Model Flying Club hosts a variety of First Person View (FPV) from FPV Freestyle, FPV racing, FPV Fixed-Wing and even FPV Land Vehicles.


If you are just starting out in the FPV hobby, you will find us very friendly and we’ll be able to provide you with some assistance to get you started. Usually some experience in fixed-wing will help you get used to Aileron, Throttle, Pitch and Roll etc but the best thing to do is download a simulator such as Liftoff or Velocidrone on your computer to gain some muscle memory in your thumbs.  It will also save you the heartache of constantly fixing your models whilst you are still learning. When you’re ready to fly,  it is wise to start off with something small and work your way up. There are many beginner multi-rotors out there such as a TinyWhoop or TinyHawk. These types of quadcopters are great as they are relatively cheap, light and have built-in propeller guards to keep you and others safe whilst you’re learning. 


For someone looking to join with experience, the site offers a wide range of obstacles for freestyle such as trees and shrubs to play around with. In the summer months, the surrounding fields can provide some beautiful views of the nearby borage. We also have members that are in to racing and erect racing gates when they are feeling a little more competitive. There was also a balloon popping circuit at our recent fun fly day which proved very popular.


We also have a dedicated tracks throughout the site for FPV Land Vehicles. Our courses are vast and you can easily get lost in many of the routes if you don’t know your way. We also have ramps, rocks and a seesaw just to keep things interesting.


For more information on the legalities on FPV, please visit the BMFA website here : https://bmfa.org/Info/Model-Flying-Types/First-Person-View-FPV


Why not visit us one weekend and see what all the hype is about and introduce yourself to the crew!  


By Peter Hopkins